Inner Child Healing Program -12 Weeks

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What is the Inner Child?

What is the ‘inner child’, and how does it relate to your life in adulthood?

We all have an inner child, but we don’t all have a healthy partnership with that innocent and vulnerable part of ourselves.

If we experience traumatic events as a child, we may not be equipped to deal with difficult emotions and challenges. Often people develop valid and necessary coping mechanisms because of the emotional distress, and these stay in our unconscious minds.

Inner child healing is the term given to therapeutic work for childhood wounds.

Inner child work can be challenging – but it can also be life-changing for people struggling with unprocessed life events and unresolved childhood trauma. 


Why is inner child work so important, and how do you use it to heal?

Most likely, if you’re drawn to inner child work, you might notice patterns in yourself or your life, that you’d like to change. For example, someone with an insecure attachment style

might worry that, if they get close to someone, that person will leave. 

Feelings of inadequacy from childhood might stop you from pursuing hobbies, work, or relationships you want to pursue. Not having an opportunity to address your feelings as a

child could mean that you hold them in, take them out on yourself, or aren’t sure how to regulate and validate them healthily.


Identifying what we experienced as a child that continues to impact us is often the first step to healing. If you were told not to express emotion as a child, you may have learned to hold it inside.

Though it’s only one possible example, emotional repression can hurt you mentally and physically, so it is important to address it.

An important part of recovery is building a protective barrier of inner and outer trust with your healthy adult self.

Pre-program Assessments & Planning

2 hours

  • Attachment Styles an introduction
  • Identifying primary attachment wounds
  • Inner child timeline
  • Program goals
  • Inner Child Healing Audio

Program Sessions & Topics

Week 1: 2 hours

Attachment style assessment and identifying and releasing trapped emotions

Week 2: 1 hour

Identifying self-defeating behaviours and releasing emotional attachments

Week 3: 1 hour

Wounded inner child attachments and refusing to let go. Subconscious mind clearing

Week 4: 2 hours

Healing unprocessed shame and accessing unprocessed trauma bonds. Identify emotional suppression or repression blocks

Week 5: 1 hour

Identify inner child passive-aggressive behaviour and locate suppressed anger in the throat and body. Subconscious mind clearing

Week 6: 1 hour

Identify your inner child emotional neglect and patterns of attracting and or fear of rejection.

Inner child dialogue and releasing limiting beliefs of rejection

Week 7: 1 hour

Identify emotional unmet needs and introduce your inner child to their protective loving adult self. Subconscious mind clearing

Week 8: 1 hours

Fixating on unavailable people and limerence. Healing and releasing obsessive thoughts, fantasy thinking and behaviours.

Week 9: 2 hours

Mirror Work to directly communicate with your inner child to move towards safety, security, and emotional freedom.

Week 10: 1 hour

Treasure Chest imagining and clearing the way for freedom, spontaneity, and self-love

Week 11: 1 hour

Maintenance session – subconscious mind clearing

Week 12: 1 hour

Maintenance session – subconscious mind clearing