Love safe, choose your partner wisely!

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Creating healthy relationship experiences requires us to consciously choose people who are capable of providing us with our relationship needs.

We need to be really careful with our dating and partner selections because it takes time to determine if the person, we will connect with will enhance our growth and make us feel safe and secure in the long term.

Without safety and security we can’t go on to really feeling and expressing love and growing. Not all relationships and not all people are able to provide that for us.

We need to establish healthy boundaries and understand that although we have a lot of choices out there, they are not all good for us and that underneath the surface we are not all the same.

Therefore, the person we chose to establish and stay in a relationship with must be a compatible match. We need to accept people as they are and not commit to a relationship and then try to change that person.

Finding out more about ourselves, healing unresolved issues and becoming aware of the red flags of dating and relating are important if you are to consciously choose a compatible long-term partner.

Take time to get to know someone and ‘play it forward” and envision how current personal circumstances of both individuals will impact on the future of the relationship and the type of feelings and situations this will generate. Is this what you want your long-term relationship and your life to look and feel like?

By exploring the consequences of what it means if you involve yourself with this person, you will then be more able to make a conscious decision if it’s right for you to move forward or not.

Counselling Works services can assist you to establish relationship goals based on selecting a partner aligned to your love values.

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