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Marina Bakker

Founder, Managing Director


Marina is Managing Director of Counselling Works and her team of experienced psychologists and counsellors offer a range of services to assist in mental health and emotional well-being issues, trauma recovery, overcoming depression and anxiety and relationship and family therapy.  The emotional health services are founded on a strength-based perspective focusing on promoting the internal assets of their clients and the wider community.

Marina’s Education Seminars support individuals, couples and families to gain knowledge and strategies related to personal and workplace mental health, emotional well-being, healthy relationship attachment bonds and a range of workplace well-being topics.

Her continued leadership has led to the national expansion of Counselling Works with locations in Melbourne and Brisbane.  Furthermore, her program Mind Tools for Workplace Mental Health seeks to transform workplace culture and safeguard mental health in the workplace context. 

Robert Ellery

Senior Psychologist


Robert is a psychologist with forty years’ experience. He continues to practice in clinical and educational settings, as well as a private consultant. With a foundation of child and educational clinical experience, Robert works with all ages across the life span. He is also a senior supervising psychologist, and is developing an international reputation for this work.

 In his professional practice, he continues to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, including anxiety, depression, grief and loss, post traumatic stress, hyperactivity, autism, as well as complex developmental, social-emotional and workplace issues. He is passionate about evidence-based outcomes.

Robert brings a unique and engaging style of rapport and understanding to the therapeutic relationship, combining respect, empathy and yet challenge to assist the change process. He uses a broad and deep theoretical knowledge base as well as practical, solution-focussed approaches for promoting effective treatment outcomes for clients.

Mark Colwill

Clinical Counsellor


Mark is a skilled, passionate and professional counsellor drawing from his life experience and understanding to support individuals, couples and families. He is a member of the Australian Counselling Association and has a particular interest in helping individuals create a better and more meaningful lifestyle.

Mark’s approach to counselling is warm, welcoming and heartfelt. He understands that everyone is unique and takes the time to focus on each client individually to establish a non-judgemental and empathic working relationship. Mark offers personal and realistic solutions to help guide and motivate real change for moving forward with life.

Mark believes that everyone is the expert at their own lives, however, at times certain events can interrupt life balances and it can be difficult to understand what one is going through. With a person centred and solution focused approach, Mark empowers clients with the ability to choose their own course of action, transform personal challenges into positive outcomes and encourage the onward journeys in life, in a more healthy and resilient way.


Lisa Payne

General/Rehabilitation Counsellor


Lisa Payne specialises in disability management and workplace relations. She incorporates professional knowledge and lived experience to offer authentic counselling services. She has diverse experience in a range of settings including; families and adolescents, post release population, mental health, alcohol and drug misuse, and culturally and linguistically diverse communities. 

She offers flexible counselling services that promote a safe space for emotional exploration, self understanding and growth. She works with a range of contemporary approaches, including a mindfulness and strengths based approach to working with trauma, anxiety, depression and managing pain perception. Lisa also offers a specialised approach to career counselling which aims to empower individuals to identify vocational goals based on transferable skills and work history.

Lisa’s approach is authentic, empathetic and collaborative, working on the premise that each unique person is the ‘expert’ on their lived experiences. It is believed that awareness of one's strengths, abilities, and resilience offers hope for an empowered life without the problem and the ability to envision living the life one needs and desires.


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