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Founder | Principal


Marina is Managing Director of Counselling Works and her team of experienced psychologists and counsellors offer a range of services to assist in mental health and emotional well-being issues, trauma recovery, overcoming depression and anxiety and relationship and family therapy.  The emotional health services are founded on a strength-based perspective focusing on promoting the internal assets of their clients and the wider community.

Marina’s Education Seminars support individuals, couples and families to gain knowledge and strategies related to personal and workplace mental health, emotional well-being, healthy relationship attachment bonds and a range of workplace well-being topics.

Her continued leadership has led to the national expansion of Counselling Works with locations in Melbourne and Brisbane.  Furthermore, her program Mind Tools for Workplace Mental Health seeks to transform workplace culture and safeguard mental health in the workplace context.


Senior Psychologist


Robert is a psychologist with forty years’ experience. He continues to practice in clinical and educational settings, as well as a private consultant. With a foundation of child and educational clinical experience, Robert works with all ages across the life span. He is also a senior supervising psychologist, and is developing an international reputation for this work.

 In his professional practice, he continues to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, including anxiety, depression, grief and loss, post traumatic stress, hyperactivity, autism, as well as complex developmental, social-emotional and workplace issues. He is passionate about evidence-based outcomes.

Robert brings a unique and engaging style of rapport and understanding to the therapeutic relationship, combining respect, empathy and yet challenge to assist the change process. He uses a broad and deep theoretical knowledge base as well as practical, solution-focussed approaches for promoting effective treatment outcomes for clients.


Counsellor / Mental Health Educator


Deb is an accomplished counsellor with many years’ experience with a diverse range of clients,
in both individual and group settings. She is a member of the Australian Counselling
Association. Deb has a particular interest in reducing stress and anxiety and in relationship

Deb’s natural understanding and empathy provides a safe, accepting and non-judgmental space
for clients to explore the challenges they are facing. Clients are empowered in areas that they
are stuck in or with, and Deb provides clients with the ability to view those situations from a
different perspective, giving them freedom and ease. Through this process clients develop an
awareness of their own natural power and ability to deal with anything in their life. Clients walk
out of sessions with the resources and tools to be able to create rewarding relationships and
lives, and with a renewed sense of wellbeing.
Each session with Deb is tailored to meet the client’s needs. Her counselling is grounded in the
client being the expert in their life and is an integrated approach drawing from narrative,
strengths based, solution focused and existential approaches.  Deb believes each client comes
with their own unique stories, including their own unique strengths and abilities, and she looks
forward to discovering yours with you.

Glenda McDonald



Glenda McDonald is an accomplished counsellor with many years’ experience working with adolescents and families. Glenda is a member of the Australian Counselling Association and supports clients with an array of concerns including grief and loss.

Glenda is committed to empowering clients to find their inner strength, to learn new strategies and ways of thinking as they navigate the challenges they are experiencing. Her philosophy is that we all have the resources we need both within and around us to create the life we seek. With the support of a professional counsellor clients can tap into those resources and find a pathway forward. Through exploring areas of concern, focusing on values and strengths, Glenda helps clients to create the conditions for change which will lead them towards a richer, more meaningful life.

Each session is tailored to meet the clients’ personal therapeutic needs. Glenda uses a client centred approach, employing a range of evidence based models of counselling including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy and Mindfulness. Glenda is passionate about helping clients to make genuine and long lasting change for greater understanding, peace and wellbeing.


Clinical Counsellor


Natalia’s background includes extensive
anxiety, depression and mental health recovery counselling. Her experience extends to working with a wide variety of clients.

She has extensive experience in
trauma-informed clinical practice, and has worked in the areas of suicide
prevention, domestic violence, and provides a person-centred clinical approach.

Natalia’s clinical experience
has provided her with in-depth knowledge of
evidence-based trauma recovery, mental health and relationship interventions.  

Having gained her master’s in Social Work
(qualifying), she is an accredited Social Worker with the ASW and a registered clinical counsellor with the ACA.  

Natalia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in finding solutions to assist people achieve their goals, reach improved levels of mental health and develop higher levels of resilience and emotional intelligence.

Robert Seare

Clinical Counsellor


Rob is a highly trained professional counsellor and coach,
passionate about supporting adults, couples and families. Rob is registered
with the Australian Counselling Association, works with clients across a wide
range of concerns, and is passionate about relationships.

Rob is adept at quickly creating a calm, comfortable
environment inviting clients to relax and be comfortable, ready to unpack their
current concerns or challenging circumstances. His approach encourages clients
to become aware of their already existing skills and capacities that they can
apply to the current issue, as well as offering new insights and strategies.

Rob firmly believes that the problem is the problem – not
the person, so hope can be quickly restored and harnessed. Rob works with the
client to build solutions together using their combined strengths and
expertise. He does this by utilizing multiple evidence-based therapies such as
Solution Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment therapy.


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