Prepare for Marriage, Not Just the Wedding.

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Marriage preparation is just as important as preparing for the big day

Unfortunately, many couples prepare for the wedding but not the marriage. So much detail can go into organising the Wedding Day; the dress, venue, guests attending, type of service – church, celebrant and so on.

This of course is all for a one day only event. Even the minor details are given careful consideration to; colour of the nail polish, perfume scent and the list goes on. However, the one day 
only event will not assist couples keep their relationship on track.

To do this you and your partner will need to explore some crucial elements of long-term relationship happiness.

Preparing for the marriage requires couples to communicate, explore and plan together about how they will attend to the maintenance of the relationship.

How will decisions be made?
How will you both effectively manage conflict?

And the most important of all:

How are you going to keep the portal of your love open so you can best support each other to grow and fulfil your potential?

Relationship breakdown and or conflict prevention is so much better than cure.

Counselling Works offer pre-marriage services and programs to assist couples align their love values and goals love, growth and happiness.

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