Do you feel that you are holding back in certain areas of your life because of anxiety? 

Is youranger creating problems for you in your daily life? 

Would you like to achieve greater control and relationship happiness?

Free Yourself from Anxiety and achieve:

  • Inspiration and passion to achieve your goals
  • Positive relationship interactions
  • Greater concentration/self-confidence
  • Resilience Building to help you bounce during setbacks
  • Increased energy and motivation to live a great life

Anxiety Free Coaching will help you to eliminate your limiting belief
programming structure that keeps you in an anxious, angry and or self-defeating cycle.

Get Big with Your Focus

Whatever goals we may strive for, such as relationship fulfilment, financial success, travel
and popularity they all require us to get our inner life right first. We need to ensure
our subconscious mind and conscious mind are aligned.
By releasing limiting beliefs, unprocessed disappointments and old patterns based on fear
and self-sabotaging behaviours we are able to move towards achieving all our goals with
greater motivation, certainty and clarity.
Set weekly goals and metrics to achieve them and we supported on a weekly basis to review
your progress.

Cost of 10 weeks x 1hr program: $1,100.00 per and includes Self-Confidence
Power Statements Audio Program.

Topics include:

• Anger Management Assessment
• Anger Management Strategies to eliminate aggressive outbursts
• Self-Esteem Building & Strategies
• Eliminating Limiting Belief Program Structure
• Building self-confidence through self-responsibility
• Emotional Intelligence & Resilience Building
• Assertive Communication
• Relationship building approaches and strategies
• Goal Setting & Weekly Metrics