Certificate Issued Upon Completion

This 10 hours Program works with individuals on a one on one basis and provides a cognitive principle model on which behavioural and cognitive therapy is based. The components of the program aim to assist the individual to develop higher levels of Emotional Intelligence and resilience. Participants learn to identify the signs of anger and help them learn how to manage their own anger as well as anger from others.

The Anger Management Program is a combination of psycho-education and counselling (approx. 70/30). The program provides the education, while the counselling allows the client to experience the model and implement the strategies provided on a weekly basis. 

Topics include: 
    • Anxiety & Anger Management Assessment 
    • Anger Management Strategies 
    • Different elements of anger response: physical, emotional, cognitive & behavioural 
    • Self-Awareness & Self-Responsibility 
    • Positive Self-Talk vs Negative Self-Talk 
    • Building Self-Confidence through Self-Responsibility 
    • Emotional Intelligence & Resilience Building 
    • Assertive Communication 
    • Relationship Building Approaches & Strategies 
    • Mindfulness Techniques 
    • Goal Setting & Weekly Metrics