Confidence Building Group Seminars provides you with the opportunity to explore a range of topics to assist you to increase your community participation through confidence building. You receive a workbook, audio programs, reference materials, and weekly support as your journey into living your life with increased community participation, purpose & confidence.

Community Participation and Confidence Matters

Say yes, to living your life with confidence, passion, and purpose.

• Achieve your goals by developing a positive mindset.
• Communicate with more confidence.
• Identify your goals and capabilities to help you positively participate in your community
• Change negative thinking to positive thinking.
• Learn relationship building skills to connect in positive ways with others.
• Learn strategies to help make self-care and self-love priorities in your life.
• Learn how to increase your resilience so you quickly bounce back from disappointments and setbacks.

My name is Marina Bakker and I help people move from self-doubt to self-confidence by taking the right actions to achieve their goals . You will learn to say goodbye to:

• Negative thinking
• Self-doubt
• Limiting beliefs

You will learn to say hello to: 

• A new confident empowered you

• Confidently moving towards your community and personal goals

• Increased energy to attract what you want in your life.