Parenting can be challenging, and no parent is perfect. When dealing with unwanted behavior, parents may resort to ineffective strategies such as

  • Criticizing
  • Punishing
  • Bribing
  • Blaming
  • Complaining
  • Nagging
  • Rewarding to Control

The Parenting for Resilience program provides tools to help parents build a strong, positive relationship with their children and avoid negative interactions. With parental resilience, the challenge of parenting can become more manageable.

Topics :

The Parenting for Resilience program comprises 10 sessions, over which each of the below topics will be covered:

  • Child brain development
  • Positive discipline
  • Parent-child attachment bonding
  • Encouraging positive behavior and reducing negative behavior
  • Establishing family boundaries and self-responsibility
  • Fostering emotional intelligence in children
  • Developing children’s resilience
  • Positive communication strategies to build self-confidence
  • Promoting pro-social behaviors in children
  • Setting parenting goals and creating action plans.

Parental Resilience:

Resilient individuals are capable of learning new skills and bouncing back from life’s challenges. Parental resilience is the ability to cope and recover constructively from any obstacle. It involves creative problem-solving, trust-building, maintaining a positive attitude, and seeking help when necessary.


Coaching Resilience:

The Parenting for Resilience Program aims to equip parents with tools and strategies to help their children build resilience, cope with stress and adversity, and develop positive relationships. The program provides a toolbox that includes nurturing parenting and discipline skills, approaches to help children bounce back from stress and trauma, and guidance on how to help children thrive as they grow up.


  • The program equips parents with tools to raise children who can thrive.
  • The program instills confidence in parents and children to engage positively with the world.
  • The program focuses on important areas of parenting to shape children’s attitudes and behaviors and provides goals and action plans to achieve them.