Parental resilience is the ability to constructively cope with and bounce back from all types of challenges. It is about creatively solving problems, building trusting relationships, maintaining a positive attitude, and seeking help when it is needed.

This Parenting for Resilience Program assists parents to help build their child’s ability to adapt well in the face of adversity, to develop their inner assets, and cope with sources of stress — such as family and relationship problems.

Parents are offered a Parenting for Resilience Toolbox that includes strategies to help develop positive relationships, effective nurturing parenting and discipline skills, approaches to help children bounce back from stress and trauma, and how to help children thrive as they journey their way to adulthood.

Topics include:

• Child Brain Development

• Discipline: Positive Discipline

• Positive Parent and Child Attachment Bonding

• Increasing Positive Behaviour while Decreasing Negative Behaviour

• Establishing Family Boundaries and Self-Responsibility

• Emotional Intelligence: How to Foster EI in Children

• Developing Children’s Resilience

• Positive Communication Strategies to Build Self-Confidence

• Social Skills for Children: Promoting Pro-Social Behaviours

• Parenting Goals and Action Plan