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Join a community of like-minded committed people wanting to inspire positive relationship development based on strength, growth, and empowerment.

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Join a community of like-minded committed people wanting to
inspire positive relationship development based on strength, growth and empowerment.

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‘The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful flower of all.’

Sunflowers grow their roots deep and wide establishing strong foundations to enable them to withstand strong winds.

They grow in all shapes and sizes. They give back what they receive by providing people and animals with sustenance.

They face storms, drought and other hardships but remain bold and resilient with their heads facing the sun.

Sunflowers are a symbol of growth, perseverance, faith and beauty.

Help us create a community based on the characteristics of the resilient sunflower. Strong supportive communities support their members to grow and overcome challenge and adversity.

Working together, we are able to support the best, strongest and most valuable community growth.

We need positive and healthy relationships to help us bounce back from adversity to enable us to shine our light in a world that needs it more now than ever before.

Although we are all born with innate resilience we need certain internal and external factors to be present when challenges come our way if we are to bounce back stronger and healthier than before.  Marina Bakker 2017


"To continue to be leaders in resilience, relationships and empowerment education and services by assisting individuals, communities and workplaces to maximise their potential with passion, purpose and contribution. Together We Achieve More"


Marina is Managing Director of Counselling Works and also offers a range of modern relationship services to assist in the development of healthy, safe, secure attachment bonds.

Marina specialises in Youth and Resilience Development and provides strategies to assist in the development of raising resilient teens, families and communities. She provides a range of therapeutic interventions for depression, anxiety, trauma recovery and works from a strength based perspective focussed on promoting internal assets.

She works extensively in the area of learning and development providing a range of Professional and Personal Development workshops. Marina has both initial and higher degrees in Social Science, Counselling and Education.

Relationship, Resilience, Empowerment

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