Our Workplace Mental Health Program, Mind Tools for Mental Health, provides managers, supervisors and other leaders with strategies to promote the importance of positive mental health in the workplace.  

We offer cost-effective solutions for improving workplace mental health and safety, through virtual or on-site sessions facilitated by our practising psychologists and mental health professionals. 

The benefits of happy and healthy workplaces have been demonstrated in a wide range of settings. The evidence suggests that a workforce that experiences positive states and positive psychological health contributes to the organisation’s bottom line through employee’s commitment and high performance.

The three domains of mental health our services contribute to include:

Emotional well-being – such as perceived life satisfaction, happiness, cheerfulness, peacefulness.

Psychological well-being – includes self-acceptance, personal growth including openness to new experiences, optimism, hopefulness, purpose in life, control of one’s environment, personal growth, self-direction, and positive relationships.

Social well-being – social acceptance, beliefs in the potential of people and society as a whole, personal self-worth and usefulness to society, sense of community.