Counselling Works provides of a range of Youth Counselling Services to assist young people develop their Resilience, Emotional Intelligence and regain higher levels of Mental Health. Our therapist work exclusively with the young person and where appropriate in partnership with their family, school and wider community.

There's More...

Counselling Works provides a range of seminars and workshops to assist youth to gain increased levels of self-confidence, reduce stress, anxiety and improve their friendship skills and social interactions.  Our professionals are also equipped with the the skills necessary to assist young people in identifying coping strategies to deal with issues associated with suicide, depression and self-harm.

Counselling Works Services can assist young people to:

  • Reduce feelings of unhappiness and isolation.
  • Gain more clarity and help prepare for exams with less anxiety and worry.
  • Strategies to deal with bullying by developing assertive behaviours.
  • Make new friends and connect positively with others.
  • Develop healthier and a more balanced view about weight and body image.
  • Increased energy and motivation to focus on goals and interests.
  • Overcome feeling of anxiety and depression.